Scaly-breasted Lorikeets


These lorikeets called out to say 'hello' as they flew overhead. Once in the bush, they hopped continuously from flower to flower, moving and bending in and around droopy branches, perfectly camouflaged amongst the green leaves and orange petals while sipping nectar.  They did hang around for me to go indoors get the camera and catch them at their favourite activity. Showing no nervousness towards any of my movements or the opening and shutting of doors, they sensed that they were the centre of attention of the big eye of the camera and made an effort to pose  on the outer branches, without losing a moment's drink.


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Previous Slide 1/7 NextScaly-breasted LorikeetsCan you tell my beak from petals?Can you tell my beak from petals?I'll come out a bit moreI'll come out a bit moreLook how well I can hide among the flowersLook how well I can hide among the flowersSophie magpie is keeping watchSophie magpie is keeping watchI'll come out again for a poseI'll come out again for a posebut I will keep movingbut I will keep movingwhile Chipkin Noisy-miner arriveswhile Chipkin Noisy-miner arrives

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