What The Robin Knows by Jon Young - Book review

What the Robin Knows - Jon Young - Book reviewAuthor Jon Young opens your mind and awareness to the elusive world of birds communications within their families and community groups. Birder Jon Young is a naturalist with training in tracking by expert Shamans. He brings his wealth of knowledge into the study of listening to the birds, following their movements to understand the events and activities in their lives.

With delightful stories and clear step by step examples he takes the novice through a journey of discovery of bird songs, vocalisations, their motivations behind their patterns of movements and their alarm calls. Young does not just describe the birds activities but explains the importance each of these plays in their complex lives and how people can connect with them in non-intrusive way. Both experienced and novice readers who follow his advice and practice those steps will find their lives enriched with deeper connections to birds in nature.  




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